Counting down the days

4 days to go…

Time is flying by!! I’ve been back in Guildford about 10 days now and am gradually ticking off, then adding to, then ticking off the things on my TO DO list. Got my visa yesterday – another tick.

Let me give you a little history of how I came to be in this wonderful position, and what I hope to be up to in Nairobi. Sit back, relax and read on…

…it all started one dark and stormy night last October (well actually, I don’t remember it being dark and stormy but it all adds to the effect, doesn’t it?!)…I’d been endlessly applying for jobs/internships in international development organisations and charities and getting nowhere. One week I had three applications in and really hoped to at least be offered interview for one. Before I applied, I prayed. I said God, if I hear nothing, I’ll think more seriously about Africa. I didn’t hear back from any.

Now, I don’t want to say that was a sign from God saying immediately ‘GO!’ like a big booming voice from heaven. BUT I did decide to take a break from writing applications and pray more seriously into Africa. In the next few weeks I really began to feel at peace with the idea. I realised that this was my hearts desire, I had got so caught up in doing things the ‘right way’: Get an internship. Then a job. Then work your way up the ladder. Trapped in this whirlwind, I was missing God’s best for me. After those few weeks of taking a step back from applications and praying, I made the decision to return to Kenya and in January I booked my flights – woohoo!

Are you still with me?! Yes? Well done!

So, this Easter Monday I take a night flight from London Heathrow to Nairobi where I’ll start off at St John’s Community Centre (where I was in 07 and 08), living on my own in a little flat in the compound where SJCC is in the middle of Pumwani slum. I hope to be working with the sponsorship programme and using some of my teaching skills. I’m really keen to learn Swahili too.

But I see all this as the starting point. I’m praying opportunities and doors will open once I’m in the country. I go certainly for 3 months, most likely for 6 months but if things opportunities arise then hopefully for longer…

Excited? Definately! Nervous? A little!

I do so appreciate all your thoughts, prayers and messages. Please do think of me over the next few days as I pack up and prepare to leave. Think of me as I’ll be making my first long-haul plane journey on my own. Think of me as I arrive and meet old friends in Nairobi. Think of me as I establish what I’ll be doing in the next few weeks.

Since taking the first step of faith and booking my flights I’ve really felt God’s blessing on the journey. Money’s come in from unexpected places, old and new friends have got in touch, contacts have opened up. I feel like I have all the jigsaw pieces, all I need to do is slot them together…


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