1 week old

I’m one week old in Kenya today. In English, I’ve been here one week. In honesty, it feels like a lifetime ago that I stepped onto the plane at Heathrow. England is another world away.

So, where to start…at the beginning. Sally (married to Peter who directs the work at SJCC) met me at the airport last Tuesday morning. The flight was fine and I got through smoothly with all my bags – weighing a total of 60kg (including hand luggage). Many many thanks to those who donated things for me to take. I was able to carry the majority, and what’s left my parents will bring when they come to visit in July.

The last week I’ve been finding my feet again, both in Pumwani, at SJCC and in Nairobi. It’s been wonderful to reconnect with old friends, including Kiswahili lessons from Caleb, Nairobi tours with Tottie, ugali at Mama Benja’s and singing ‘You are my sunshine’ with Pinkie and Rajab (Becky, if you’re reading this, they miss and talk about you SO much).

My work schedule at St John’s is flexible but at the moment I’m focussing my attentions on supporting Joyce in the sponsorship programme. We’ve done a few home visits this, including visiting Zulea, Rhoda and Hellen, three girls who we’ve managed to send to boarding school through the sponsorship programme. They’ve just gone back to school today after the Easter holidays. They are doing SO well, and are real examples of the many ways sponsorship can make SUCH a difference to a child’s life.

So my days are kept busy, and I’m enjoying it.  My struggles come in the evening. I’m living alone in a flat in the same compound as SJCC. It’s great to be so close to the community centre, but it can be lonely and cooking is an effort.

BUT God is good and answers prayers!

I was feeling particularly low on Saturday evening after a quiet day. On Sunday I travelled to Karen vineyard church and met some wonderful people who have really blessed me. I spent the night at Gabi’s house on Sunday. Gabi lives in a lovely house in Karen and really looked after me so well. I then joined others from the church for a BBQ on Monday (Monday was a public holiday here). So people are really looking out for me, but more importantly SO IS GOD. Thank you for your prayers – please continue because they are being answered!

I have so much more I want to write and tell you, but I will save it for another day. I have internet at my flat and my Kenyan no is +254736047866 so do please keep in touch.


One thought on “1 week old

  1. Great to hear how you’re getting on and I’m impressed you’re so upbeat. So glad to hear about your church visit and how you were swept into the fold! Lots of love, TT xx

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