Friends and Cockroaches

Cockroach drama…On Saturday I found this beast in my cupboard. He was huge. Maybe two inches…I don’t think I’m exaggerating. I congratulated myself on, after the initial shock, remaining calm. He didn’t seem to be doing much harm, and I certainly wasn’t going anywhere near him to catch him…so I left him. He was still there when Pinky and Rajab (see photo page) came to visit a couple of hours later, so I set Rajab a challenge of catching him. Unfortunately for me, Mr. Cockroach was too fast.

Yesterday, I went into my cutlery draw, where I keep a small stash of chocolate, to find loads of ants. Not too unusual – I’m fighting a losing battle against the little soldiers. But normally there aren’t so many in one place. I was terrified they’d found my secret supply, but none of the packets where open… I moved the stash and underneath a few knives and forks I saw two hairy legs poking out. A bit more shuffling of the cutlery revealed Mr. Cockroach on his back, slowly kicking a leg or two whilst being eaten alive by millions of ants. My days. To think my fingers I had been so close to touching the beast. This was too much for me. I was totally freaked out. Tottie to the rescue. I called my friend Tottie who came to save the day. Or at least saved my day, maybe not Mr. Cockroach’s, who now rests in peace. The crisis now controlled I was able to get to my knife and cut the fresh pineapple I was given earlier today and enjoy the rest of the evening.

I’m blessed to have friends around who look out for me. Not just in saving me from cockroaches, but making sure I’m well, I’m fed and happy. This weekend I was able to visit friends of friends in Nairobi South. I spent the night at their lovely home and went with them to church the next morning. People here are so welcoming.

This week I continue working on the sponsorship programme. I’m following up the cases of 60+ children who are being sponsored through SJCC and trying to get updates to send to their sponsors. It takes a while – things here are always Africa Time. But at the moment that’s fine by me – I like the laid back attitude.

I’m also beginning to teach some of the kids who struggle in class. This was something I started in 2007 and really enjoyed – it was one of my highlights of the 4 months I spent here. So it’ll be great to get stuck into that again.

And finally, I started my KiSwahili lessons last week. I’m taking classes twice a week with some lovely Norwegian girls who are on placement here as well.

So this is my life at the minute! And it’s great! I’m feeling much more settled and really beginning to find my feet. Thanks for thoughts, prayers and messages. Even short ‘hellos’ are great – it’s good to keep connected with the outside world. I love getting post too!

My address is:

Pippa Wilkinson

St John’s Community Centre

PO Box 16254-00610




4 thoughts on “Friends and Cockroaches

  1. I love it – a great update; gives a clear picture of highs and lows and life in general.
    Lots of love to you dear niece! TT xx

  2. Hey lovey, finally managed to get my back side over to your blog – thank you for working out how to set it up! Its so lovely to read all of what has been going on with you even if just brief snippits – great to see little pictures of your new life together. I will look forward to writting to you properly sometime in the hopefully not to distant future … !
    Love you loads lovely Pip
    p.s Well done about Mr Cockroach you did fantastically well under the circumstances i would say. xXx

  3. OH NO!! I remember the cockroaches AND the ant invasion – they were coming up
    the kitchen sink and I stuffed tissues doused in insect repelant down there!!! The joys
    of life in Africa. Glad you’ve settled in and are surrounded by lovely friends xx

  4. lovely how hear how your doing pippa! seems like everything is being pieced together and it’s great to hear you feel like ‘home’ there :).
    Olivet staff are asking after you so will give them an update tomorrow!
    really looking forward to my 3 week trip to China-kinda hoping it won’t feel like home there though or that will make things very difficult!

    love jen x

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