Life is precious

Life is precious. I’m learning that everyday. It’s not something to be taken for granted. In the UK it’s so easy to take things as given. I rarely give thanks for just being alive. Yet here, almost every prayer starts with thanking God for a new day, for bringing us together safely, for allowing us to be where we are, alive. Sometimes I think come on guys, can’t you think of something more original to pray! But I’m learning how valuable life is in a world where nothing is certain. We are not immortal.

Yesterday this was particularly true.

We were given the news that one of our teachers, Teacher Samuel, had passed away the night before. On Monday he was in school, teaching, he was well. On Tuesday he called in saying he would have to take the day off because he had a bad headache but he hoped to be in the next day. On Wednesday his brother rang to say he had passed away that night. Within 24 hours a precious life had been taken.

Teacher Samuel was a good teacher. I worked closely with him in 2007 – he was the main teacher of the class which I taught English and Art and Craft to. It was great to come back and see him still here, to enjoy cups of chai and chats in the staffroom at break time. He was patient and well-loved by the students and other staff alike. I don’t know why God took him at this time – it feels like his life was cut short.

But I’m learning, very quickly that each day, each breath should be treasured. When I think things aren’t going well, I’m drained, tired and feel like I have little to give, I need to learn to be grateful that I can just … be. That God has given me another day. Rather than seeing life as a small thing that I glaze over, I’m learning to treat it with respect. My life, your life, our lives are worthless, precious and we are not immortal. Ultimately, timing is in His hands.

Thank you God for giving me another day. May I use it to your glory.


3 thoughts on “Life is precious

  1. Hi Pips!
    Just managed to catch up with your blog… Lynn and I are just sitting in our dining room to have a (very small- missing you!) task group meeting… enjoying reading your blog, your stories and thoughts…

    So sorry to hear about your colleague passing away!

    We’ll be praying for you…
    Lots of love
    Sue and Lynn

  2. Oh Pippa, Samuel and I worked together so much – he was a great man, he had
    a real love for those children. He made me feel that what I was doing with him was worthwhile. He will be sorely missed at St.Johns. Like you say, life is so fragile
    out there, each day seems to bring another ‘challenge’ I do ask God WHY sometimes!
    Keep your chin up. Lots of love Jacky

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