Quick update

Very quick update on the last few days:

Last Thursday I collected my parents from the airport. We’ve been doing a mixture of seeing round St John’s/Pumwani, doing touristy bits and getting bits of work at the centre done. It’s been really good to have them here and show them around.

Tomorrow we’re off on holiday: 2 days safari and 3 days at Lamu – a little island off the coast of Kenya. It’ll be nice to have a little holiday and relax, although I’m also painfully aware that I’ll only have 10 days left in Nairobi once I return…

…which brings me on to my next point…I fly back to the UK on 24th July for the summer. I’ll update you properly on my next moves once I’m back from holiday.

So this is just a brief update to let you know I’m still alive, and my parents are here safely. I’ll blog properly next week 🙂


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