Tomorrow I fly back to England. Time has really passed, I can’t quite believe it. Tomorrow! I have a knot crunching at the bottom of my stomach about it.

Time is a funny thing. To think, I step on the plane and 8 hours later, bam! I’m in England. It’s good to be able to travel so many miles in such a short time. Physically, it’s great, but emotionally… the adjustment time takes much longer. To go from two such different worlds. To leave behind such faces, such a rich culture, such smells and memories. Memories. Some will stick, but with time, others will fade – no matter how I try to cling onto every second. Time passes.

But I have learnt. So Much. And although specific memories may fade, there are things I’ve seen, done, discovered that are now forever etched into me. That can’t be erased. Each experience moulds us, shapes us. And I hope I’ve been shaped for the better.

On a less sentimental note…my plans for the next few weeks: I will be in Guildford from 24th – 30th July. I then have work teaching in Brighton, certainly for the week of the 1st August, hopefully longer. I’d love to catch up with as many of you as possible of the summer. Do get in touch.

In September, I will be returning here to Nairobi, hopefully for at least 6 months. So this blog post is not Kwaheri (goodbye) Kenya, but Tutaonana (See you).


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