a little wish

1 week back, although it feels like a lifetime…

You know what I wish? I wish I could capture some of what I had in Kenya in a little bottle and bring it back to share with people. It’s so hard to explain, when you ask ‘how was it?’

How was it…? What did you…do?

How do I describe in words how ‘it’ was? Words are not enough. They’re just random sounds put together to describe something. To someone who’s never been to Nairobi, to Pumwani, how can words help me to explain such a three months? I need images, smells, emotions, taste and sound. I wish I could bottle a little of it to bring to share here with you. Just to help me with my useless words.

Because I don’t know what to say.


One thought on “a little wish

  1. In a sense, Pippa, you are that little bottle. It may never seem to be enough but who you are, what you have conveyed in your messages, your obvious passion and commitment to the people of Punwami, the lives that are being changed as a result of your response to their needs, the photographs and the stories – all help us to get a flavour of what you have experienced. Thank you.

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