1 month today!

Booked my tickets back to Kenya! I fly back on 13th Sept – night fight. Looking forward to being back in my second home.

It’s good being back in the UK…it’s nice to see friends and family. I appreciate having a power shower. A washing machine. No car alarms going off all night. No call to prayer at 5am. Good cheese, chocolate and bacon.

But no matter what I do, Kenya is always niggling at the back of my mind. Nairobi is always calling. Sometimes quieter than at other times, but it’s always there. I can’t escape it.

At least when I’m in Kenya, I know I’m in the right place. It sort of … fits. Does that make sense?! Whereas here, much as I love and am so thankful for many parts of English life, I feel like I’m just…filling time. Waiting…

So roll on 14th September…


One thought on “1 month today!

  1. Grazie teacher, I hope you’ll going to meet your getting use (I’ve learned this new word one hour ago) that you deserve also in your second home..I wish you a good come back in Africa with a song that I like very much,bye

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