Ponderings on my return to Kenya…NEXT WEEK!!

This time next week I’ll be dancing on African soil again.

I’m looking forward! It’s been great being back in the UK for the past month and a half. I’ve caught up with lovely friends and family, been to two wonderful weddings and managed to work and earn money for 5 weeks. God provides! I’ve enjoyed English food again – cheese, bacon, chocolate and mushrooms particularly.

It’s amazing how little time it takes to readjust back to the things we take so for granted here in England. This morning, in the shower I was thinking…this time next week, it could well be back to bucket showers and cold water. And I was knocked back into appreciating the wonders of hot power showers. Something that I was so thankful for when I first arrived back in England at the end of July, and then after the first couple of weeks, it slipped back to being normality. Same with the washing machine. Having a fridge that works. Quiet and stillness at night. No car alarms going off every 2-3 minutes. Being able to eat oven-cooked food whenever I want. Being able to drink water straight from the tap.

The first couple of weeks back here in England, I was painfully aware of all these things. I appreciated them greatly on the one-hand, while on the other they were like a sharp knife pricking the niggling agitation that I’ve constantly had since being back on English soil. Bringing to the forefront my longing to hop on the first plane back to Kenya. Even though I knew, I KNEW, I would be back in September, it was only once I’d booked my return ticket that I could begin to relax a little.

At the time, it felt like I was never going to fit back into the incredibly ‘English’ life we live here. And now, here I am – not even two months back in England, and it’s only because I’m returning to Kenya next week that I’m marvelling, once again, at such simple things we have here in England.

But I guess this is healthy. To try and live continuously with a foot in two such different worlds is impossible. To be beating myself up every time I pay, for instance, £3.60 for the bus as opposed to the 10p it costs in Nairobi, is not helpful. I’d end up being no use to anyone. What I need to learn is how to balance the two worlds. So I can live a life where I can relate to people in the culture I’m in but not exclusively. Realising that I’m in this world, but not of this world.


Hmm…not quite sure where all those ponderings came from! Bit of a mindless ramble – well done if you’re still with me! Ultimately, what I want to tell you is that I fly back to Kenya next week – night flight, leaving on 13th Sept.

I’ll be in Kenya for 6 months this time, working part-time back at St John’s and part-time doing an internship with Turning Point (see their website: http://www.tptrust.org). I’m ridiculously excited to be getting back there 🙂


3 thoughts on “Ponderings on my return to Kenya…NEXT WEEK!!

  1. Hey love.
    I think that a lot of us feel like this after travelling. I know i did. ( i know thats not the same as the work your doing) I felt a bit like ‘why do i need all this stuff’.
    I guess you just cant look at life like you have more than others. Or less. Its just the way that the world was made. God gave different people different places and it’s how we make the best of it and how others help out with the Grace of God.
    You appreciate what you have as you have seen the hardships of others in Kenya. Where as some in England will never appreciate what they have as they just dont ‘get it’. Its all to do with greed.
    Anyhoo, rambling a bit now.
    All the best in your travels. Will be praying for you and the work you are doing. x

  2. PEEP….
    Will be swept away by your stories from a distance, got so emotional by all i’ve recognized and all the times we spend and experiences we had. We’ll meet again and celebrate with loads of samoza’s (for me) and chapati’s and mandazi’s for you! Wish you all the best, Bless you sweet girl, hugs hugs hugs

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