I’ve arrived!

I left Guildford on Tuesday late afternoon, ready to get going. My 50kg of luggage all got allowed through by a lovely lady at the check in desk and that set the standard of the rest of the journey which went so smoothly.

I had a window seat and an empty seat next to me which meant I was able to stretch out and get a fair bit of sleep on the 9hour plane journey.

We landed at 8am Kenya time, and I sailed through immigration. There was a very friendly man who gave me my visa with no problems. Thanks for your prayers, those of you who were praying. My luggage was ready and waiting for me once I’d got through and I walked out to an empty airport with Tottie, my friend from Pumwani, waiting to meet me the other side. A very smooth journey.

We arrived at St John’s and were met by Ida, my new flatmate, and Joyce came to greet and settle me in while Tottie got the chai brewing. What lovely friends I have. I am so blessed.

In the afternoon I wandered over to the centre and it was so nice to see everyone again. To say hello, big hugs and smiles all round. I was particularly happy to see little Calvin (see previous blog posts), who hunted me out straight away, and who I’ve missed very much over the summer.

Then in the evening, I went to see my lovely African mama. Mama Benja had been waiting for me, and had chapatis – my favourite –  ready to be made for my welcome back dinner. I am so loved.

And I love being back, already! I’m so happy to be back and I’m excited and ready for the months ahead.


One thought on “I’ve arrived!

  1. Great news! Good to hear about the extra space on the flight. Didn’t realise there was another person at the flat. Nice to hear about Tottie, Calvin, Joyce and others. Looking forward to more news as things develop.

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