The past couple of weeks

Wot ive bin up ta since i rived, like:

  • Eating ugali and sukuma wiki at Mama Benja’s
  • ‘Breakfast’ consisting of rice and beans at 3pm with friends at James’ (the nurse who works and lives at SJCC and is on exchange programme from Zambia)
  • Writing a manual for the sponsorship programme
  • Visiting Anifa and Zulea’s  (twins in class 8, and being assisted through the sponsorship programme) grandmother’s home. Times are hard for her. She has a small business selling clothes to support 7 grandchildren, including Anifa and Zulea, but business is slow at the moment.
  • Sorting files in the sponsorship programme
  • Chips with Staizy (who interns at St John’s)
  • Giggles delivering chai to the different offices with Naomi and Martha – two of the chai ladies.
  • Goodbye party for Mary Kibe who’s been working in HIV/AIDS office for the past 8 years and is a real inspiration. She’ll be much missed.
  • Coffee at Java (Kenyan equivalent of Starbucks)
  • Cooking with Jacky (who volunteers at SJCC)
  • Getting to know my new (but now old!) flatmate better. She’s from Denmark and working at SJCC until Christmas
  • Moving into a new flat
  • Getting to know my new new flatemate better! She’s from the UK but been in Kenya working with Turning Point (the charity I’m interning with) for the past 3 years
  • Starting work with Turning Point: visiting the projects in Kibera slum and getting stuck in at the office
  • Recommencing Kiswahili lessons
  • Seeing old friends and making new ones

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