Last week Kenyan troops went into Somalia to push back the al-Shabab (Islamic militant group who have links with al-Qaeda) who have been accussed of the 4 recent kidnappings of tourists and aid workers in the North coast part of Kenya. Al-Shabab have responded by threatening to attack Nairobi. Since this threat there have been two grenade blasts in Nairobi, killing one person and injuring 20. It is debatable whether these attacks are linked to al-Shabab or not, although I think it unlikely.

The police are very present around Nairobi, particularly in Pumwani. Pumwani is right next door to Eastleigh, where there are many Somalian’s staying. Consequently, police have been going round Pumwani and Eastleigh at night doing door-to-door, hunting for any ‘suspicious’ person who might be staying illegally in Kenya or have links to al-Shabab. In theory, a good thing…in practice, the police and law system are known for their corruption, and will arrest people with very little reason in order to get a bribe.

Thanks to those of you who have emailed, concerned about my safety. I am safe. I feel safe. Of course, there are precautions to be taken – staying from crowded areas etc. But in the grand scheme of things, I don’t feel any more unsafe now than I did last month. I will keep you updated.

On a different note, I’m off to Mombasa tonight for a few days! A bit of sun, sea and sand. Hoorah!


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  1. good you hear from you pippa and glad you’re safe and sound :0. praying for your protection and situation in kenya. lots of love from brighton and olivet x

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