I now-not-so-recently travelled with my four lovely Norwegian friends (who have been at St Johns doing an assignment for their uni for the past 5 weeks, and were also here earlier in the the year on placement – it was great to have them back for a bit), James (the nurse from St John’s, who’s here on placement from Zambia. It was his first time to see the sea, and it was great to see his excitement!) and a friend of the Norwegian girls’ who came with her boyfriend on a mini holiday to Mombasa – by the sea.

We went down by night bus on Wednesday evening. I have never been on such a luxury coach – it was beautiful! Then had 3 days enjoying hot Mombasa temperatures before leaving the group to travel back to Nairobi on Sunday. We stayed in two gorgeous self-catered little cottages which were on a compound with a swimming pool – a must when staying in Mombasa with such high temperatures – not far from the beach and about an hour south of Mombasa town.

It was lovely to be away from the crowds, pollution and noise of Nairobi and spend some time just doing nothing, enjoying good company and eating good food.

I wrote this blog a little while ago and am only getting round to posting it now, as I wanted to ass photos, which I’ve been delayed in getting… Here are a few and I’ll add more soon.

Me, some of the girls and James at our little cottage

Me and James at Fort Jesus in Mombasa


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