No power


When I was little, I used to love power cuts. They were exciting! The quick scrabble to find a torch, and then sitting around by candle light – it was fun! Or at least I think they were…we had so few I don’t really remember that well. I do remember, quite clearly, there being a powercut one day at school and we all got sent home because the fire alarms wouldn’t work without power and therefore a safety hazard.

I tell this to people here. They laugh! Power cuts are so regular. I’m now typing this using the remaining battery on my laptop – no power again. It’s the fourth evening this week we’ve had with no power and it is annoying! Things are limited when you can’t see more than the little bit of light a small candle gives.

But here, at best, no power it a nuisance. At worst, they provide the perfect opportunity for thieves and gangs to move around the slums. And then the police too – trying to regain some small bit of control. Gunshots into darkness are not a good thing. If you’re able, best to stay indoors. The relative safety it provides.

Now…suggestions for how to while away the hours with no power and limited light, please!


2 thoughts on “No power

  1. Pete, Pat, Maggie and Eve suggest: Say your prayers, Do your exercises (pilates, press-ups, sit-ups etc), use your wind-up radio to listen to the BBC world service, cut your toe-nails (Eve said she wanted to withdraw this but it was too late), record your memoirs onto your digital voice recording machine (if you haven’t got one we’ll buy you one), write your Christmas cards (doesn’t matter if it’s dark – no-one will read them). Will that do for starters? X us

    • Fantastic! Great ideas there guys – keep ’em coming! And I do actually need to cut my toenails – thanks for reminding me! You guys are brilliant. Love to you all.
      p.s. there’s a letter on its way to you all. I did write it by candlelight actually, so hope it’s elegible because I’m expecting you to read it! X

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