Did you know…?

Did you know Nairobi is situated at 1,795 metres (5,889 ft) above sea level? I didn’t. I just wikipedia-ed it.

Did you know that fairy cakes don’t rise at high altitude? Apparently you have to add extra baking powder or something.

I didn’t know that either. Now I know. After an epically failed attempted at making them.


3 thoughts on “Did you know…?

  1. Try 1/2 teaspoon (not more, otherwise they might taste a bit soapy) of bicarbonate of soda additional to your baking powder. That’s what I usually use for muffins and it seems to work, although I have to admit I have never tried it at 1,795m above sea level!

    • Thanks for the tip Sue! I will give it a go and let you know! Been meaning to send you an email for ages – this has prompted me again and I will be in touch soon…I’m off to bed now! Night!

  2. Lots of biblical teaching!! We are never too old to look and learn again what GOD says!
    Hope the fairy cakes improve next time! I remember trying to make a birthday cake for one
    of the Transform team without an oven!!! I did a biscuit/chocolate cake and set it in the
    fridge….. it worked well!!!!!
    Love getting your updates xxx

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