I wrote this blog post in mid-November – the week the coca-cola Christmas ad came out – but thought some might shoot me for posting about Christmas so early, but now we’re in December there’s no excuse not to get excited about the festive season! And if you aren’t, then bah-humbug to you!

I love Christmas and, within limits, I love the Christmas hype. The Christmas lights being turned on, the advent calendar, decorating the Christmas tree (last year I decorated 3 – I should charge for my services!). I love it.

This week on facebook it’s all been about the new coca-cola advert – a sign for many that Christmas is truly on the way. And that is what’s prompted me to write this blog post.

Here in Kenya, it’s a bit surreal – seeing the posters around town beginning to be put up, advertising Santa’s grotto, Christmas lights being turned on, or Christmas markets opening (mostly all held in expat areas). Things I associate with Christmas – cold evenings, fires, hot chocolates and mulled wine – has been turned upside down as the weather begins to get warmer.

At St John’s we’re planning ahead and have children coming by to make Christmas cards to send to their sponsors. A great chance for us to catch up with the children as they come by the office, and for them to have some fun being creative.

And Turning Point have recently released the ‘Christmas catalogue’. Check out the video below.

A couple of people have been asking how they can support me or the children I work with this Christmas and I really appreciate your thoughts in the run up to the festive season.  Unfortunately, practically, sending gifts for the kids I work with isn’t feasible as firstly, I can’t give to one child and not another and secondly, the cost of postage is high and if the parcel arrives, it’s not always easy picking it up (see previous blog posts!!). If you would like to support me or the kids I work with, can I suggest you do one of two things, either:

  1. Purchase a gift from the catalogue we have a Turning Point (see to download a catalogue). This way, you not only get a gift for a kid here in Kibera, but also for your friend/relative back home (or you can send it to me ;-)). Two presents in one, sorted!
  2. Send me an email for more information about giving a donation to either of the two organisations I’m working with: Turning Point ( and St John’s Community Centre (

Any amount is so gratefully appreciated and even the smallest gift goes a long long way here.

Happy Christmas!


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