Getting Christmassy!

Emily (my housemate) and I made advent calendars for eachother.

This is the one I made for herAnd here’s the one she made for me

Aren’t we creative?! Now to figure out Christmas tree alternatives…


6 thoughts on “Getting Christmassy!

  1. I made one out of cardboard once. I cut out lots of triangles and painted them green then cut a clit in them and fitted it all together. Your calendars are very good. Are you back for Christmas?

  2. Hey! You can still remember how to make the Danish plaited hearts! I knew the skill would one day be useful!
    Mum xox

  3. Christmas tree alternatives mmmmmm…….
    Turkey feathers attached to a wooden pole?
    Talking about turkeys – feed can include yellow corn, soya mash, fish and bone meal derivatives. If you also feed it cranberries it saves making cranberry sauce to have with it!
    Hope this helps!

  4. Love your christmas advent calendars – they are both so cute! You could have a twig tree!? They are actually very popular over here! All you need is a reasonable sized vase, a few twigs – long ones are best! You can (if your feeling extra creative) cover then in glue and then roll them in glitter! Then you can hang decorations on them – very pretty!

    • I love the calendars – yes, impressive and fun indeed, very creative you both are.

      Ok here’s how to do a Christmas tree with re-cycled local stuff. You need old plastic bottles (green Sprite ones are good – correct colour…), cut off the tops, make cuts about an inch wide from top to base (the strips will fan out like branches round the base), make a hole in the base and ‘thread’ the upside down bottles (with smallest at the top) onto a stick.
      Get it???
      Perhaps you should try all the ideas you get offered so you can have forrest of trees and send us pics of the result.
      Lots of love, TT xx

  5. I’m liking all the ideas – keep ’em coming! Thinking I might well try all the ideas and have a little ‘Made-in-Africa’ blog competition!

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