How to get your visa extended

Extended my visa today. Success! And a surprisingly quick experience – in an out in about an hour! Not bad. Pleased I went early – queues were building up when I left at 10ish.

BUT it does make me smile at how Kenyans seem to love having many desks/counters to send you to (see previous blog posts on the Posta encounter) – for no obvious reason. It seems the more desks somewhere has to send to you to, the more important the place! So, here’s the routine:

  1. Arrived. No obvious place to go. Stood looking confused for a while. Worked out I needed to fill in a form. Found the form. Filled it in.
  2. Took said form to desk 8 (visitor pass renewal). Got sent to desk 3 to register as an ‘alien’ as well as renew visa. Filled in alien registration form. Went to desk 3.
  3. Got told I was in the wrong place. Got sent to desk 4.
  4. Got told I was in the wrong place. Got sent to desk 6.
  5. Ditto above. Got sent to desk 5.
  6. Ditto above. Got sent back to desk 4.
  7. Saw different man at desk 4. Man told me to come round the back.
  8. Went to back. Man signed both visa extension form and alien registration from. Got sent back to desk 4.
  9. Got told I was in the wrong place. Got sent to desk 6.
  10. Paid money for registration and extension. Got sent to desk 5.
  11. Handed over receipt and signed forms to desk 5. Got told to sit down.
  12. Sat and waited for half an hour. Got called to go to room 15.
  13. Went to room 15. Had my fingerprints taken. Got sent to desk 8.
  14. Got told I was in wrong place. Got sent to desk 5.
  15. Picked my passport. Got told to come back in 6 weeks to pick my alien registration card.
  16. Left building

Thank God there were no queues, so moving between the desks was no problem!

The other hilarious thing about the whole procedure was that none of the people behind the various desks seemed to have a voice! The would just shake or nod their heads and point to where I was meant to go. Probably why I ended up at the wrong desk so many times!

The funniest part was when the man at desk 4 ‘told’ me to come round the back. Instead of just telling me, he shook his head and did circular movements with his arm. It looked like he was just telling me to turn around in one big circle! I was very confused! But I am now an expert at reading Kenyan immigration sign language. Should have no problems in picking my alien card in 6 weeks!


3 thoughts on “How to get your visa extended

  1. Hi Pippa, great news – welcome to the world of aliens 🙂

    Does this mean you won’t be in the UK for Christmas?



    • Hi Henrik!
      Good to hear from you! No, it’s gonna be a hot Christmas for me this year! What about you? Will you be there? It’s going to be a quiet Christmas without me and the Weedons!
      Hope you’re well

  2. hilarious!!!!!!!!!!! especially all the sign language! too funny! hope you get it soon and that’s it’s for 2 years and not the temporary kind for 3 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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