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Follow the link and check out the blog post I wrote for Turning Point the other day:

The Turning Point farm in Kinangop, near Naivasha town, is a couple of hours drive North-West of Nairobi. In 2007, a group of single-mums and their kids from Kibera moved to the TP farm to begin a process towards independently owning and farming their own land. This year, they moved onto their own shamba. Now the process is being started again with a new group of 10 mums.

The journey to independence has 3 phases:

1. The mums move onto the TP farm where they live and work in complete community, sharing food and workload. They spend a year here being taught how to farm and building up their strength.

2. The mums move into their own house and each farms her own acre of land on the TP farm. They live here until they show they can support themselves and their family for 1 year without any assistance from TP, using the income they generate from their acre of land.

3. The mums are built their own house and given their own land nearby, becoming completely independent from Turning Point.

It’s a really exciting part of what TP does, and it was great to join the team in moving the new mums up to Kinangop. I feel priviledged to be able to be with these mums from the start.

So as I said, check out my posting on the TP blog for more of my thoughts from the moving day, and have a peak some of the photos below. Want to see more? Check out Turning Point on facebook:

Loading up the trucks ready start the journey up to Kinangop

Excitement on the road to Kinangop!

Moving into the community farm

More unloading

Lunchtime at the farm

10 mums and 37 kids. Life-changing


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