Happy New Adventuring!!

A quick little blog to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I love this time of year..there’s something about jumping into the new year, new adventures, new starts, new beginnings that fills me with a butterfly stomach full of excitement. It’s silly really, because it gives the impression that once we’re into the swing and flow of the New Year, we can’t change things so easily. But I guess this time of year can specifically make us stop and review and think. It’s a ready given opportunity to decide to make a change in our lives.

So, for me,…time to review…(if you’ve been following my blogs you’ll probs know this, so full permission to skip ahead to the next paragraphs!)

This time last year I was very much filled with the same feeling of anticipation, expectancy and exhilaration that I’m feeling now. I had heard God’s call for me to come back to Kenya, but I hadn’t yet booked my tickets. I had no idea how long I’d be back here for, what I’d be doing, where I’d be staying…anything. Scary, yes but also very freeing. Liberating. I felt released from a trap of filling in applications for jobs in the UK and getting sucked into the whirlwind of ‘normal’, ‘grown-up’ life. FREEDOM!!!

And yes, what a year its been. April I stepped onto the plane here, still not really sure what I was doing but knowing God was in control so it didn’t matter. He’d called me here, and he’d provided the means for me to be here. He couldn’t abandon me now.

I spent my first three months here with St John’s Community Centre in Pumwani slums, and had a fantastic time. I learnt and was blessed so much, and I hope a small part of me was a blessing too. But come July – home time – I felt my time here wasn’t up…Spent a couple of months back in the UK, working back at Olivet language school (blessed so much to be able to return there) and going to weddings.

Then September, back dancing on African soil.

This time, still with St John’s one or two days a week, the rest doing an internship with Turning Point working with children in Kibera slum. I’ve been so blessed to have had these opportunities, to do what I love and have the fulfilment that comes with that. I’m learning so much and every day is a new adventure.

It’s been a great year! And who knew, this time last year, that this is where I’d be: New Years 2011-12!!

To the future: Again, I’m in the same position as I was last year… not knowing what the future holds…where I’ll be New Years 2012-13…What God has in store for me this year…?? I know I’ll be here until mid-March, for certain, finishing my internship with Turning Point. And I know my time in Africa is not over, in March. I know this place has a life-long hold on me. But practically, what with visa and finances running out, I don’t know how the months after March will pan out.

Exciting? Yes! But for now, a little more terrifying…!! Sometimes the thought of heading back to the UK and being ‘trapped’ back there overwhelms me with panic. Adventures like this, not knowing what’s ahead, are not always easy… But I’m learning to trust God! I’m learning! Somehow, He always seems to work it out, despite my worries!

So, that’s my Number one New Year’s Resolution:

Live in the moment. Stop worrying about the future. Remember that God is the same, yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). He’s looked out for me this far, and it’ll continue to tomorrow, next month, new year, next lifetime…He’s not gonna give up on me. So, Pippa, live each day as it comes! Live life to it’s fullest.

And hey, I pray that for you too, this New Year! I think most of us have been guilty of panicking about what’s ahead at some point of our lives. Of trying to plan it out ourselves and not allowing God to take the reins and be the driving force – to be in control no matter how crazy it seems. So I pray this year will be one where you, like me, learn to give it up to Him. That you’ll step out into the mad adventures He has for you. Enjoy life to the fullest. Be released from your cages like I’ve been this last year. Go, soar and fly into all God has for you in 2012! It’s bigger and more fulfilling than you (or I) can possibly imagine!



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