January update

It’s been a little while…I’m alive and kicking and we’re drawing towards the end of January…yikes! Lack of updates? To be honest, I’ve not really known what to write about…writer’s block. I guess I’m beginning to get over the culture differences and things that would’ve stood out immediately to me at first are now beginning to slowly seem ‘normal’…maybe…or maybe not. There are still so many new things that catch me and make me smile every day. Remind me why I love being here.


So. It’s mid-January and I’m back in the flow after Christmas. I’m enjoying 2012 so far and as Peter (our ‘security’ who walks us through Kibera to the TP project) would say ‘I’ve not seen any bad thing’. I’m enjoying the groove of life. Main thing I’ve been up to the last couple of weeks is starting an adult literacy/numeracy class for some of the members of the microfinance programme at Turning Point. You read more about the first class on the Turning Point blog: http://www.tptrust.org/blog/tpfp/literally-literacy/. But it’s good to be doing something I feel I can actually ‘do’ for the people in Kibera and for Turning Point. Many other things I feel I’m clumsily doing whilst learning along the way. And if it works, I can really see it making a big difference in people’s lives. I think having some basic literacy and numeracy skills will be extremely empowering and I hope helpful to the businesses the members run too. And I love being back in the classroom.

Today I taught the first class for the lower Swahili group and we had a laugh! Unlike Monday, all the students turned up on time or early (one was 35 mins early!!) and were very eager and motivated to learn. Most couldn’t read any letters, so we started at the very beginning with phonics and vowel sounds. Luckily the Turning Point compound empties in the afternoon because there were some funny sounds coming out of our classroom: ba-, be-, bi-, bo-, bu- being repeated and chanted a lot, with quite a few mistakes! It’s early days… But I’m looking forward to getting to know this group of ladies…they seem fun!

Otherwise I’ve mostly been doing fundraising (?! Not been so successful at it yet..!!) through writing a couple of fundraising proposals and trying to brainwave new ways of getting your money (sorry! Just saying it as it is!). So if you’re looking for a good cause to chuck some of your money at check out:  http://www.globalgiving.co.uk/pr/9300/proj9260a.html Ombisa is great, and I really hope we can raise the funds to get him to university. He deserves the chance.

Umm.. what else… weather is good (hot hot hot!!), church is good, friends are good. I’m off to Nanyuki (3-4 hours drive out of Nairobi) this weekend to visit Bochi and Mette (who I went to Naivasha with June-ish time las year – check the blog post). Bochi has a job there and Mette’s over from DK until March. Looking forward to getting out of Nairobi for a bit…fresh air and change of scenery.

And I think that’s about it! Love to hear what you’re all up to…just cos I’m on a different continent doesn’t mean I don’t love to hear your stories. In fact I think it makes me want to hear them even more, so keep me filled it!!


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