The day Pips got pooped on, Bochi went to space and Mette cooked chicken

Three memories I will keep from my weekend in Nanyuki:

  1. Now, I come from Brighton where seagulls are plentiful and the chances of being pooped on are high. But, up until last Saturday, I have avoided all bird poo. A status I’m quite proud of. This weekend lost my non-bird-poo title. It wasn’t a big poo, but it was still gross. To make matters worse, I was inside. Yes. Inside. Nanyuki is the home of stupid birds that fly in through the open door and then are unable to escape. And even more annoying, two minutes before it pooped on me, I’d said to Mette and Bochi that bird had better not poo on me. And it did. And you probably don’t care so I’m gonna stop going on about it…but it was gross. I’m not fully over it yet
  2. A happier memory now: The stars out in the bush are beautiful. There’s not much more splendid that seeing the stars when it’s pitch black with no artificial light for miles around. Precious moments. While watching the stars I had a few questions, like is that really bright star a planet? Why does the moon shine at night? Does planet earth shine in space too? And Bochi seemed to know all the answers and be able to answer with great confidence. Which led me and Mette to draw the conclusion that he must have been to space once upon a time
  3. Mette cooked us dinner. It was beautiful. Yummy chicken in a creamy tomato sauce, yum yum! We had a lovely evening eating by candlelight outside, enjoying the stars and the noises from the bush.

Highlights of the weekend (as well as the stars and Mette’s cooking) was going for a walk to the local ‘village’ and up a small hill so you could see for miles and miles around. And it was empty. Just a few mud huts dotted here and there. Imagine guys, this is our world!! I wish you could see it. Argh, we are so blessed to have such beauty in the planet we live on!!!

It’s only when I get out of Nairobi that I realise how much I miss space and the outdoors. There are many great things about Nairobi, but there’s no denying the noise, pollution, crowds and claustrophobic feelings you get when you’re there for too long. Where I was last weekend was the opposite: space, fresh air and yes it was still noisy but the noise was from birds and crickets and rustling grass. And in a way, it’s nice to be in the city because I appreciate the escape all the more. I don’t think I’d value it as much if I had it every day.

Photos to follow soon.


3 thoughts on “The day Pips got pooped on, Bochi went to space and Mette cooked chicken

  1. Thanks Pippa – but we can see it!! Your descriptions are an amazingly effective (and economical for us) way to experience the sights, sounds, smells and even textures of your African heaven! xx Pete and Pat

    • Thank you for your kind worlds!! Hope you two are well. Hey, I just had a yummy fruit smoothie with the lovely Emma Le Beau! Hurrah! Love to you two xxx

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