My Birthday Wishlist..

Today it’s 2 weeks till I fly back to the UK… It’s also 5 DAYS TILL MY BIRTHDAY!!!

I suppose it’s time I updated you on my future plans. Apologies it’s taken me long…the reason is I’m about to ask you for your pennies, and I hate asking for money!! But I figure I just need to bite the bullet and do it…


My visa expires, my internship with Turning Point finishes and my flight back to the UK is booked for 12th March. Yes, that soon! So I’ll be back to the UK for a (hopefully…) short trip. I say short because I’ve the opportunity to stay on longer with both Turning Point and St John’s after March. And I hope, pray I can grasp the opportunity.

I haven’t taken the decision to stay lightly; it’s something I have really prayed and sought God after – particularly as it means I won’t have any secure income. However, I feel God has very clearly said yes, this time I can stay, for the next period, anyway. So I’m trusting God to provide and am committing to being here in Nairobi with Turning Point and St John’s for another year.

This means continuing to support the sponsorship programme at St Johns – where my work will be needed more so because the lovely Joyce is expecting a baby due in March, so there’ll be a lot of work for us in her absence.

With Turning Point I hope to really build on the adult literacy classes that I’ve been running the past few weeks. It’s something I really enjoy and I can really see being beneficial to the people attending the course. I’ve also been tasked with developing a parenting course for some of the parents of the kids that come to the Turning Point centre. Something that will hopefully encourage parental responsibility as well as allowing space for parents to share their struggles bringing up children in Kibera and support eachother.

However…now for the elephant in the room(/blog) … in order to stay on for another year I need to raise around £5,500 to cover my living and flight costs. At the minute this feels like a big task…BUT I’m trusting in a God who works beyond financial constraints. I also know I have very supportive friends and family out there… IF you feel you’re in a position to help me out financially and – dare I say it without sounding too big-headed and biased – give to a worthwhile cause, you can do this by:

  • Giving a one-off donation, either by getting in touch with me personally or through my justgiving webpage:
  • Giving me regular support. Much needed, much appreciated. Again, please get in touch.

Also…just to cheekily point out…it is my BIRTHDAY on Saturday!! Woohoo (love birthdays!)!! SO if you want to give me a little birthday gift you can do so via the justgiving link above. Leave me a sparkling birthday message while you’re there :-).

On a final note, please know that your support means the world to me, whether financial or not. I know many of you aren’t in a position to support me financially, and your prayers, letters, emails and communication are just as much appreciated as your financial support.


One thought on “My Birthday Wishlist..

  1. Well …….. of all the c………….
    ………… confidence!
    It’s great to know that you have the confidence that you are loved, that your work is valued and that our money will go a lot further in your pocket than in ours!

    Pending the transfer of any funds we would like to wish you many happy and safe returns.

    Lotsa love from Pete, Pat and that Group!

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