Back in Kenya

I’m back! And I’m happy! I landed safely after a good flight (except for the tantruming 4 year old sat just in front of me!) on Tuesday morning. Driving into the compound and walking into the flat, felt like I’d not been away. It’s nice to return somewhere which is like ‘home’.

So, little snippets from the week:

  • Holiday club with Turning Point kids in Kibera. The clubs are for kids which TP has seen through transition class and now support back in formal education. It’s a good time for staff to catch up with the children and see how they’re doing, and the kids love it! It was fun to come back straight into that.
  • Met the gorgeous baby Samuel, 3 weeks old. He’s Joyce’s little one (I work with Joyce at St John’s). He’s absolutely lovely, and so great to meet him! I love him!!

Mama Benja and baby Samuel

Joyce, aka Mama Sammy

  • Baking cinnamon rolls with Staizy (who I work with at St John’s) and Anette (Norwegian student on placement at St Johns). Lovely to see them both again
  • Back on matatus – good fun and much missed, although my love-hate relationship with them continues! I had hoped my new hair style (short and dark brown) might deter unwanted attention from strange men, given that the blonder and longer the hair the more attractive the mzungu (white person) is here. Alas, not true. First matatu ride and got chatted up by the tout, but managed to get away with his number rather than him getting mine… Why is it unwanted attention comes in abundance while the decent guys tend to remain hidden?!!
  • It’s back to rainy season and powercuts. We had a terrific storm with thunder and fork lighting lasting about 3 hours on Friday night. The powercut lasted longer! I love sitting inside and listening to the thundering rain, but you can’t help thinking about those in Kibera and Pumwani slums with leaky roofs and mud floors…

I’m looking forward to spending time over at St John’s in Pumwani next week and catching up with people over there.

It’s good to be back!


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