Where I’ve been hiding

Phew! A quiet(er) moment after a busy few weeks..!! Not quite sure where to begin… let me just jot some of the things that I’ve been up to and catch you up:

A couple of weeks ago I had my first bout of sickness in the year I’ve been here. After a week or so of not really being sick as such, but no appetite and feeling very queasy whenever I ate I went to the doctor and found I had giardia lamblia – little parasites making a cosy home for themselves in my small intestine. Very common particularly in the slums, and also very easy to treat. A course of medicine and I was back to being right as rain. Luckily in time for the first Turning Point wedding…

My housemate Emily got married to Moses (Turning Point’s microfinance manager) Saturday week ago. It truly was the most beautiful wedding with much much joy, fun and laughter. The wedding was outside, the sun shone, there was much music, dancing and good food. It was a busy week leading up to the wedding, with Em’s family and friends arriving from the UK and the apartment becoming a base for all preparations but such fun to be a part of. Here are a few snaps from the day:

Me, Moses, Emily and two of her many former housemates

The car I had fun decorating

My cake that should have won the wedding cake competition...!!!

The apartment is now feels very empty with Emily having moved out and guests having flown back to England. But in July I’ll be moving into a house with Judy and her baby boy, Nathan. Judy works in the Turning Point office and is lovely – I reckon we’ll have lots of fun living together and I’m looking forward to not living alone. I lasted only one full night of living alone before disaster struck… Tuesday night I returned to the apartment at around 10:30pm to find it flooded inch deep in water. The plumber who had been fixing the toilet earlier in the day had left all the taps on full blast and when the power came back (it’d been off all day – and a lot recently…another story for another day!) after he’d left, water started being pumped back up to the apartment, and hence the flood. I felt very alone coming home to find that and not able to face cleaning it that night, went straight to bed. The next morning I was reminded how wrong I was to feel so alone and how many lovely people there are here that I can call upon. In this case, Jo and Jon Parsons were on the case, and over first thing in the morning to help mop floors and bail out water. What a blessing.

With work I’ve been enjoying hanging out with the kids and staff in Kibera as well as doing office work. I’ve particularly enjoyed spending a bit more time at Turning Point’s new centre in Laini Saba village of Kibera. The centre opened in February and there are currently around 15-20 young people who drop by to hang out each morning. All are out of school for one reason or another, and the centre is a great place for them to come and spend time off the streets and also get some discipleship from Pastor David. I think they’re great, and it’s a laugh hanging out with them.

Over at St John’s I’ve been doing lots of home visits to see children who are been sponsored and check in on how they’re doing. It’s a real privilege to be able to visit their homes, but not always easy. The circumstances many of the kids live in are extremely tough and it’s difficult to realise that it’s just impossible to make everything ok. Sometimes, the work we do really does just feel like the tiniest drop in a very big ocean. For me, I have to look at the individual child and the difference a smile, a hug, a hand-clap game, a chapatti and paying of school fees makes rather than the big scale of everything. Then it’s worth it.

So that’s a brief, but still rather long (sorry!) summary of what I’ve been up to. The next few weeks things should be a bit quieter and I’m looking forward to catching up on some missed sleep!


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