A day of firsts

Today I went with Emily, our friend D.Dave and some visitors to the Turning Point Farm (for more info on the farm visit: http://tptrust.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=5&Itemid=10 ).
For me, it was a day of firsts:
1. Seeing mist in Kenya and driving through it (well, being driven through it – Emily did a great job!) where you couldn’t see further than 10m in front of the car.
2. Racing a Kenyan an beating them. Next stop the olympics. Christine (one of the mamas at the farm) gave good competition, but not quite good enough!
3. Eating decent steak that’s not been completely cooked for about 10million hours. After returning to Nairobi from the farm, we all piled round to D.Dave’s little cabin in the leafy suburbs of the city for meat BBQ. D.Dave served up the best steak I’ve ever had here. It was divine.
4. Driving in the dark in Kenya. It’s pretty scary I survived, and so did all the passengers!

It was a good day. But any day visiting the Turning Point farm is – Iove hanging out with the mamas, such jokes!!!

In other news (and please send a few prayers up for me if you’re the praying type), I’ve been a bit poorly the last couple of weeks, and got to the doctors yesterday. Turns out the parasites that I had a month or so ago have returned and this time brought with them 2 other different parasite friends. There’s a whole party going on inside of me. I’m now back on medicine that should hopefully send them packing.

And my other bit of news, moving day is on Saturday. I’m so looking into moving in with Judy and Nathan (see previous blog posts). But I hate packing, and it’s a busy week with a couple of girls visiting Turning Point from the USA and staying in the apartment with me until Saturday morning. Busy times.

Love to you all and don’t forget about me!! Keep me updated with your news!! xxx


4 thoughts on “A day of firsts

  1. Enjoying your blogposts – except for the bit about your unwelcome visitors. You are just a little too hospitable! We will pray for an effective eviction order and very muscly bailiffs! You try speelin musclly! Lotsa love from us lot

    • Haha, I would spell it muscley…but it’s not even a world. I think the word you want is muscular?!! Parasites are on their way out and feeling much better – as proved by the fact I was not only able to run but also win the race!!! Thanks for your prayers xxx

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