I am the one your mother warned you about

If you’ve been following my blog for a little while, you’ll know I spend a lot of time hopping around the city in matatus. During the many hours squished in these vehicles I’ve taken note of some of the signs and stickers that are displayed inside and outside. The best matatus are pimped out with slogans, stickers, creepy pictures of babys, rapstars and Jesus (flowing, golden locks and all). Here are a few of my favourite stickers and signs I’ve seen so far:

If you kissed the conductor, the driver is sweeter

Not for us but for God give me the glory

Love your country, fear your government

For an old man to marry a young woman is like an buying a book for all to read

If the music is too loud, you’re too old

If you’re following me, you’re also lost

I am the one your mother warned you about

If you can’t beat them, shoot them

Do not steal. The government hates competition

God’s promises come with no expiry date

If you miss the driver, kiss the conductor

Please use your seatbelt to avoid any mishaps

When women are done with men, they turn to God

I love my country. It’s the GOVERNMENT I’m afraid of

If you can’t feed ‘em…don’t breed ‘em.


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