Marriage and parasites

Went to the doctor’s (again!) this morning and was greeted by a different doctor who filled in my information. Here’s how the conversation went:

Doctor: So can you give me your name please
Me: Pippa Wilkinson
… pause… that’s P-I-P-P-A
Doctor: Oh. Pippa. That’s a name for a boy
… Me: Really? Do you know any boys called Pippa?
Doctor: Hmm… Anyway, Wilkinson. Is that your husband’s name?
Me: No. It’s my Father’s
Doctor: Oh. So what is your husband’s name?
Me: I don’t have a husband
Doctor: Oh. OH. Don’t worry, don’t worry, you will get one. Don’t worry.

Thanks Doctor! Now all my fears of being doomed to singledom for life are relieved!

At least the conversation brightened me up before getting the news that I’ve STILL got parasites. Getting really fed up of being ill now, let alone the cost of all the tests, prescriptions and medicine. Prayers appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Marriage and parasites

  1. As we said before you are just a little too hospitable! Nevertheless, with your new husband you will be able to share the blessing! We’ll pray anyway! (For a husband or the little visitors?

    Pete and Pat

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