Things are on the UP!!

My insides are finally rid of parasites and I’m getting chickens tomorrow.

Things are on the up!!!

Other things I’m thankful for:
– joining a lovely homegroup who have made me feel more than welcome and finally getting some much-needed spiritual input
– A couple of suprise financial gifts. BIG blessing, and particularly needed after this recent lot of sickness with trips to the lab and medicine not coming cheaply
– awesome friends both here and back in the UK. Friends who I can call upon when in need and who understand. Very much blessed
– Wonderful new house which I absolutely love and even more wonderful new housemates in the form of Judy, Lydia (Judy’s househelp) and baby Nathan (Judy’s gorgeous 7-month-old baby boy)
– Having a car to borrow for a few weeks. Driving around NBO is still pretty scary, but I’m becoming more confident and it’s a real luxury not to have to hop about on and off matatus everywhere
– Kids that I work with who always manage to make me smile and brighten up these cold days no matter what
– spending lots of time this week just hanging out with people. Many many laughs and smiles
– the sun coming out today and it actually being warm for once!

Much much much to praise God for. What are you thankful for?


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