Chick chick chick chick Chicken, Lay a Little Egg for Mee

After much excitement and talking about it, I finally got my chickens! Last Saturday, Obat (who works at Turning Point) took me and my friend Sara from the US, who I brought along for moral support, to buy my girls. Obat doesn’t speak English, and my Kiswahili is extremely limited so it was a slightly bizarre scenario as we pulled up along the edge of the road by Kibera where somehow Obat had managed to direct us to. After a bit of discussion, the chicken lady pulled out three hens from a very cramped cage and I thought, you girls don’t know how lucky you are that you’ve been chosen and given to me!

Somehow we managed to get the chickens in the boot of the car, and out again into their new home (having dropped Obat off on the way). I’m very much excited about getting hens and more importantly getting eggs, but don’t particularly want to hold or touch the flapping creatures. Their beaks are big, their claws are sharp and their wings are…flappy!!

That was last Saturday. Since then I’ve had a few eggs, my kale I’m growing has been eaten despite best efforts to protect it, and one of the chickens got sick. So sick I’d be coming down to a dead chicken this morning. But it would seem Mama Benja’s traditional herbal chicken medicine has worked a treat and this morning little chick-a-licken was looking much happier, much to my relief.

So that’s my latest excitement! Here are some photos of the girls, who are still nameless. Reply with name suggestions and you could be in with a chance of winning some eggs!!


5 thoughts on “Chick chick chick chick Chicken, Lay a Little Egg for Mee

  1. If there’s a chance that you might want to eat any of them don’t give them a name! That’s why we named our children!

  2. I think you have to name one of the chicks Flappy ;p Hilarious, love the idea of having the chickens in the car with you. What a funny adventure you would of had! xxx

  3. We’ll hold back from sending you grapefruit and croissants to go with your Sunday breakfast egg until you get the laying situation sorted out. Rule No. 1: be nice to the hens, and they might be nice to you.

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