What I learnt from Immigration

I’m in the joyously long process of applying for a volunteer work permit. My most recent communication with immigration came in the form of a letter which was written like so:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have the honour to refer to your application/letter of the 07/06/2012 for a entry permit in respect of: Philippa Jane Wilkinson.

I shall be grateful if you will furnish this office with the following particulars  and or documents: clearance letter.

I have the honour to be,


Your obedient servant

From this letter I have come to the conclusion that:

  1. I must be an extremely important person since it is an ‘honour’ for the immigration officer to write to me
  2. The immigration must really be in desperate need of new furniture or wall hangings since they want to ‘furnish’ their office with my clearance letter.

Ho-hum, at least they provide some amusement in what has become a rather lengthy and tedious application.


8 thoughts on “What I learnt from Immigration

  1. Am hoping that u compile a booklet of MADE IN AFRICA sometime.Hope this time it was abit succesful or 100% suscess.

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