A near-death experience

Last week I nearly died (oops typo, just wrote ‘really’ instead of ‘nearly’…that certainly changes the meaning of the sentence!). Anyway, yes, last week I really nearly died. Ok…that might be a slight exaggeration… but it makes a good blog opening, right?!

So this is the story of how I survived my near-death experience…

Sunday evening, I’m happily having a nice warm shower, washing out hair dye I’d put on my head half an hour earlier – dark brown, not that radical. Always a tense moment washing out the dye to see if the colour will match that on the box, but that is by the by. So there I was, scrub-a-dub-dubbing, relaxing and having a nice little sing-song when suddenly…BOOM! And bits of the shower head fly off.

Cue dramatic screaming and quick leaping to the edge of the washing room. Crackle…BOOM! Again, more bits of the shower fly off and this time I see sparks flying. Cue more screaming. Then flames start coming out of the shower head. Not quite sure what to do – not wanting to open the door of the washroom and run out as that would involve standing under the flow of water still trickling from the shower head to reach the bathroom door, I decide the best option is to scream a bit more. I’m sure I’ve never screamed out of fear like that before.

After a couple of seconds (but what felt like eternity) I decided screaming probably wouldn’t help the situation so I shout for Judy instead – who is upstairs, the other side of the house bathing her little boy. In the meantime, the water seizes to come from the shower head – which is now engulfed in flames – so I decide to make a break for it and run out of the washroom to flick off the electric water heater, which stopped the flames. I’d just managed to grab a towel and make myself decent before Judy came rushing down the stairs at the speed of knots, baby Nathan towel-clad and still dripping.

And that, my friends, is how I survived my near-death experience. Once I’d finished shaking, I managed to finish my shower upstairs (using cold water only this time!) and apart from a slightly singed look, my hair did not suffer any trauma.

I’m now in a dilemma…do I shower in cold water and risk dying of hypothermia (believe it or not, it’s not always hot in Africa and the rains have just started…), or do I continue to use the electric shower heater and risk exploding showers and electrocution??!!!

Anyway…at least I survived the experience unharmed… injury really would have been the final straw of the terrible week I had last week!!


5 thoughts on “A near-death experience

  1. Wow, Pippa – how terrifying! So glad you managed to get out of that safely.
    And such presence of mind to turn off the power and also be aware of the risk posed by the water at that point. I’m sure Someone good was looking after you and was able to bring you safely through it all – but no doubt you’ll be able to manage without a replay…….
    Suggest you find a good electrician!
    God bless and guard you always,
    Jean and Michael (Jo’s Mum and Dad)

    • Yes, the shower is now fixed…although I do worry about it happening again… I wear rubber flip-flops in the shower now, just incase! Don’t know how much they’ll help but they make me feel a bit safer anyway! It’s all an adventure!

  2. Mmmm…. it was that “Shower Angel” again ….. he must have a lot of work to do in Nairobi. I have sent a copy of your blog to Ross, our very good plumber, just in case he fancies a trip to your neck of the woods! Stay dirty, stay safe!

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