Prince of Peace

The last couple of months have looked something like this:

grenades and poverty and anger and immigration and violence and gunshots and hunger and pain and immigration and frustration and smell and exhaustion and sun and immigration and tension and politics and elections and traffic and strikes and exploding showers and immigration and no water and theft and dust


flights and cold and sickness and wedding and travel and seeing people and coffee and small talk and food and wrapping paper and Christmas lights and extravagance and greed and shopping and turkey and more travel and family and conversation and carols and mince pies and rain and long, dark days

Somewhere in the midst of all this a little baby is born. Born not to the palace, not to the royalty, not into the rich, clean, ordered and quiet place but into the slum, into the poverty, into the pain. He was born into the chaos, the bureaucracy of the census, the noise and dirt of the backstreets of a poor, unknown town. He was born into the middle of all that. Yet in it all he came as Prince of Peace.

And He is born into the middle of all this. He comes as Prince of Peace.

In my business and in my confusion, with my mind exploding, I forget this. Or rather, I choose to ignore it. But not matter how much I may choose to forget and ignore, it doesn’t change the truth. He is Prince of Peace. What’s true cannot be changed.

Happy, happy Christmas and every blessing for the year ahead.


2 thoughts on “Prince of Peace

  1. Thanks Pippa, Soph forwarded this to me. There is so much pressure to have a perfect Christmas in the worldly sense that we all get caught up in it and have to be the same and lose what its really about. I haven’t got round to putting up my cards but I have got my TP advent calendar up and have enjoyed sitting and reading the cards and sometimes letters enclosed. After the fluster and preparation its been a good Christmas, seeing family, skyping family and talking today with my new family in Kenya. I’m sure you will have enjoyed your visit home, it was lovely to be able to see you and I hope you have a good journey back where there are many friends looking forward to seeing you again. Love Sue (Mama Em and Mo)!

    • Lovely to have seen you too! Glad you had a lovely Christmas after a busy run up. And thank the Lord for skype – it’s great isn’t it?! Happy new year!

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