The saddest sound

I think the saddest sound to be heard is from a severely malnourished baby, meekly crying for milk and the mother unable to meet her baby’s need because her supply has dried up. As he lay there, listless and lifeless in his mother’s arms, I hoped I would never grumble again about the nuisance of noise from a healthy screaming baby. Yesterday, I would’ve given anything to hear that precious little one give a loud scream from the bottom of his little lungs. It was tough. But I have nothing to complain about.


2 thoughts on “The saddest sound

  1. You’re absolutely right! A lot of times the world revolves around us, so what is inconvienent to us is often someone elses cry for help!

  2. ….and we have even less to complain about not living in an area where we are challenged by seeing these things as you do. Thinking of you and all those you befriend and seek to support.

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