Beauty in the Expanse

A snippet from a journal entry I wrote yesterday on my 3 hour boat-trip back from Bukavu

I sit as we sail and I watch the rolling hills go by and oh! how they roll. Endlessly high and on and on and on, into the vast expanse beyond. And the waters beneath are calm as they ripple gently to meet the shore. And the sun, it peaks out from behind the clouds to  dance upon the waters, teasing us gently with it’s sparkle.

I try to look upwards to see an end to the hills, the beauty, the creation but all I see is the heavens stretching on forever, bound neither by time or space.

And I’m reminded once again how very small I am. Overwhelmed. A little speck of dust in a world so full and a creation so big.

In the vastness of it all I look heavenwards and say thank you.

And somehow I feel the warmth of the Creator upon my skin. He whispers ‘you may be small but you’re mine. Did you know that? You’re mine, and as you gaze upon the beauty of my creation I see your sparkle adding to it. You, my love, add to my creation, and you may feel small, but you’re a part of what makes it beautiful to me.’

And I smile upwards and my heart bursts. Small teardrops of gratitude and adoration of my Creator God make a splash into the waters beneath me, adding my little bit, my little imprint on the beauty of eternity.


5 thoughts on “Beauty in the Expanse

  1. Just been reading this in Michael Reeve’s A Good God: Enjoying Father, Son and Holy Spirit: ‘The very nature of the triune God is to be effusive, ebullient and bountiful; the Father rejoices to have another beside him, and he finds his very self in pouring out his love. Creation is about the spreading, the diffusion, the outward explosion of that love. This God is the opposite of greedy, hungry selfish emptiness; in his self-giving he naturally pours forth life and goodness. He is then the source of all that is good, that means he is not the sort of God who would call people to himself away from happiness in good things. Goodness and ultimate happiness are to be found with him, not apart from him. // …As it is there is something gratuitous about creation, an unnecessary abundance of beauty, and through its blossoms and pleasures we can revel in the sheer largesse of the Father.’ (p38) Sounds like I’m reading the theory and you’re living the practical – Enjoy!

  2. Your a part of what makes it beautiful to me. So true, His love for you is as immense as the sky. X

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