Searching out the positive

‘Let’s give thanks to God for this opportunity He has given us to meet outside this morning.’ That was how M. opened devotions this morning. We have devotions every morning before work, but we don’t normally have them outside. Normally we meet in the office. But this morning we sat outside because overnight the office had flooded. The caretaker, was busy sweeping bucket loads of water out of the building.

So there we sat, outside under the verandah of the office building, singing praises together. There we sat, and I thought: what a strange way to open devotions, to find something positive out of having a flooded office. That takes some skill. But it’s true. We should give thanks that we can meet together and worship. We should be grateful because it’s not an opportunity everyone has.

I thought back to the other morning when we had a time of thanksgiving and prayer request in devotion and J. wanted to give thanks because his house had been robbed last weekend and everything was taken, but he was spared his life. Armed robbers here are trigger-happy and shoot easily. J. had looked at his situation, the fact he had lost everything, and yet he presented it as a thanksgiving. Not as a prayer request for God to help him recover what he had lost, but a thanksgiving that he was able to meet with us that day. Imagine.

You know what? I think when we’re at less risk, when we’re in less danger, we take life for granted. We forget to be grateful for things: for life itself. We become negative, we spot the difficulty in everything. But when you’re reminded on a regular basis how fragile life itself is, well somehow it makes you more grateful for what you have. It helps you to find the positive in things: even in bad and hard situations.

So today, I am thankful for being able to live and work among inspiring people who remind me how to find something good in a situation even it’s really difficult.

What about you?


4 thoughts on “Searching out the positive

  1. A good reminder to us all, dear Pippa, that we need to focus on what is really real and be thankful in spite of whatever situation we find ourselves..after all, we are sojourners on this ‘ole earth’, working towards and looking forward to our real home to come..ever thankful that He, our Creator, loves us and gives us real life despite what the enemy of our souls seeks to use to disappoint, hurt and destroy God’s own children.

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