Mormor: A tribute

My wonderful Mormor (Grandma) passed away peacefully while I was back in the UK over Christmas. I was so glad to be with her over Christmas and in the same country when she went to be with Jesus. Today, however, I’m back in Congo. Today, it’s her cremation and tomorrow a thanksgiving for her life. … Continue reading

Life: A New Year, A New Resolution

Been back in the Congo less than a week and it’s been hectic. I wrote this just after New Year’s in UK but not got round to editing it and I can’t see that I’ll have time to before it’s too late. So let me post it as it is: My New Year’s Resolution: I … Continue reading

South Sudan: 1 Year On

South Sudan. Today. 15th December. 1 year on. I remember so very clearly waking up on 16th December 2013 to the news that Juba was under attack. Sitting in the bush, waiting to hear whether the airports would reopen. Whether we could return for Christmas. Trying to remain light-hearted in what was becoming an increasingly … Continue reading

Congo: another side to the story

Suncream on, I stretch my legs out in front of me, into the sun. I lie back and listen to the birds and the lapping of water at the shore of the lake. The green mountains loom on the horizon, and there’s tranquillity in the air. It’s easy, in moments like this, to forget that … Continue reading

Surreal Moments

It’s been a while! I was recently away on a 10day roadtrip to visit a project aimed at reducing maternal and infant mortality that is being implemented in North-Eastern DRC. It was Sunday afternoon. I had arrived in the rural town the day before after a long drive along the bumpy dirt roads of Eastern … Continue reading

Searching out the positive

‘Let’s give thanks to God for this opportunity He has given us to meet outside this morning.’ That was how M. opened devotions this morning. We have devotions every morning before work, but we don’t normally have them outside. Normally we meet in the office. But this morning we sat outside because overnight the office had … Continue reading

Along the road

Last week was the week for driving. I spent 3 full days on the road. And along the road you see some bizarre sights: Trucks overloaded with sacks of goodness knows what, and on top of that, piled with people. Women carrying ridiculous amounts of firewood on their heads, jerricans of water in their hands … Continue reading

How to prevent rape

SGBV. Sexual gender based violence. Something that’s very much on the global agenda at the moment following a recent summit in London which brought together hundreds of government officials, activists, journalists, and experts from all over the world to discuss a way forward to end SGBV. I’m very glad that SGBV is gaining global attention. … Continue reading

The wazungu Came to see our toilets

‘The wazungu have come to see our toilets’ one child informed the other with a serious face. This was overheard on our recent peer review trip, which you can read more about here. As part of the evaluation, we looked at (examined? inspected?) various latrines in the communities we visited – some private, some public … Continue reading